These delicious Winter blooms are one of my favorites of all time! 
Cymbidium orchids could well be the reason I chose to begin a career in Floristry..
So I have a lot to Thank them for!  Thank you, Thank you dear Cymbids!!

Available predominately between May – September in Australia..
So watch me take advantage of this Winter season to the fullest!!
No I don’t like the Winter weather, but if Mother nature will only produce these
flowers at this time then I have decided to stop winging about the freezing cold temperatures
at the moment and instead use it to my advantage!!!

These Cymbidium orchids come in a great range of colours the most popular being an 

– Off White with with a Burgundy throat
– Mauve/ burgundy
– Lime green/ mauve

I simply adore using Cymbidium orchids for Buttonholes not only do they last well but they have such a gorgeous detail
that work perfectly for buttonholes & corsages!
-Buttonhole with Cymbidium orchids, Leucedendron on Magnolia leaf

  -Corsage with cymbidium orchids, Red Vanda orchids, Magnolia leaves, organza ribbon

Posted by lina on 20 May 2010

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