Last week I was asked by the extrodianary Sue Bryce to put together a few
floral features arrangements for her shoot..  This was a very exciting day
to see how she works and how she can put together and photoshop images..
Something I have always been inspired by is Photographic art
something that Sue is a genius at…

Here are just a few pics of what I put together for her:
I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!!
Good Luck Sue .. You are already a winner in my eyes… xo 

Oh and If you have not been in Bed with Sue yet…   then maybe you should!!

– Here are a few images I received from Sue Bryce from
this shoot.. just amazing & dreamy work!
One day I would love to be photographed by Sue.. 🙂

Sue Bryce

 Flowers by Chanele Rose Flowers
& Images/ styling by Sue Bryce

Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year 2011
Ph: +(61) 0450 042836

Posted by lina on 16 May 2011

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