Well, What can I say?
We are looking forward to another amazing year of weddings ahead 
for us at Chanele Rose Flowers. And we sit at the edge of our seats 
right now when I tell you we have so much exciting times ahead this year!  
We can barely contain it any longer..

But to this I really do need to Thank all the people here behind the scenes 
working hard day and night to keep our Bride's happy! And it's also the people
you don't really know about! My endless Thanks I need to send to my dear
Mum and Mother in law in particular- for their love to just be there for us
(without pay) to look after the kids and help me stay sane through it all!

Also to my gorgeous Hubby Najey- although you think you are the boss of Chanele Rose
(and I let you think you are) you always so lovingly give up your spare time to
assist - you are our delivery man, our rock, our heart & soul, our everything!!!  
And without you there really would not be a "Chanele Rose team" 

To our team Kieu, Linda and newest addition Vickylee- all I can say is
Thank you!  You guys are always so motivated and willing to learn, assist and
put in the long hours, help me cross the T's and put in the extra attention to detail
that we are now so well known for at Chanele Rose!  Thank you!!

To all the suppliers, vendors, friends, Brides who have supported us- Thank you!
We know who you are! We are so blessed to have your accquaintance and are
so very humbled and honoured to have met so many extremely talented people.. 
whom skills never, ever (I mean EVER!) ceases to ahhhhhmazzzzzzze me

We welcome 2013 with open arms and will continue to do what we LOVE and 
just hope that our passion and floral love with find a place somewhere in your hearts.

Here are some of our high lights of 2012:




Diamonds and pearls

Oh Sweet Mum Event with Blissfully sweet and Images by Tanya Tindale
White magazine

White magazine front cover florals by Chanele Rose flowers
with Teeki,Megan Vaughan and images by Photography by Nadean















Curzon hall wedding image by Daniel Chueng photography

The Wedding of Sylvia & Damian at Curzon hall as seen in Comsmopolitan Bride magazine this month! Images by Daniel K Chueng












Flower girls

Sweet peas and teepees flower girl shoot- as seen on Polka dot bride- images by Tanya Tindale






 Image credits:

 2/Wedding of Adrian & Jess by Simple things studio
3/Kasey & Tylers wedding by Clarzzique photography 4/ Modern Wedding Rainbow edition- florals styled by Chanele Rose Flowers
5/Luxe shoot collaboration with Hannah Lundberg photography 6/ Oh sweet mum event with Blissfully sweet & Tanya Tindale
7/White magazine cover image by Photography by Nadean , Chanele Rose flowers 8/ Sylvia & Damiens wedding- Daniel K Chueng
9/Flower girls Sweet peas & teepees- with Tanya Tindale images 10/ Wedding of Ammie & Mark at Camden Valley Inn 
- Styled by Chanele Rose flowers 
 I could go on and on - but these are just the top 10 I can think of at this moment!!
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Until then

Posted by lina on 10 January 2013

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