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Headed by Lina Bteddini - the founder and florist for Chanele Rose Flowers and Styling. Here at Chanele Rose we offer Wedding flowers and styling for any event. We have a great passion for creating Romantic decadent whimsical florals for Weddings and any events

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Our Carbon Footprint ?

Lets’ face it! Weddings, events, Flowers everything we do in general has such an impact on our environment!

Each week, after market I would die a little inside thinking of all the plastic wraps, oasis floral foam, containers that would go out with each order, each wedding and the after math!

Let’s not even get started with the waste after the event.. The flowers, stationary, linen getting tossed in the bin within seconds afterwards!! Ahhhh….

I just want to DIE……

This Last year we as a business, as a fellow humanitarian, as a Lady Bosses - We have had to put our foot down and take a stand.

We will no long purchase mountains of floral foams each week, wrap in plastic, waste water needlessly, waste products unnecessarily or buy our coffee in paper cups!

Surely we should just all do our part in helping our Mother earth? Tell me how are you making a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint?? Would love to hear your suggestions-

We have taken the initiative and started to introduce a more sustainable flower options for our clients-

Introducing FauxBLOM our new sister business!

A stylish creative approach to floristry using High quality range of Dried elements & Faux Flowers!

This is all very new and not sure when this is going to go to be honest however we are taking one step at a time to help reduce our Carbon Footprint on Mother Earth.

Look out for more info on the FauxBLOM Instagram -



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